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Astronomy Pages

Here you will find plenty of information for budding astronomers: A guide to the current month's night sky, sky diary & astronomical events. Facts about the planets; eclipse details, how to choose a telescope, & a handy astro dictionary.

Find out about the Messier objects. There is a beginner's section too, a list of astronomy clubs too, plus a huge list of links and software downloads.

What's happening in the
July Night Sky?

For selected astronomy books, visit my Bookshop
For astronomy software visit my AstroSoft page.

Space and astronomy are very fascinating subjects; we keep coming across these themes in movies, video games as well as online casino games. This might be because some people love the idea of being immersed in a setting that's out of this world, as a way to forget about their everyday troubles!

Amateur Radio & Other Pages

Amateur radio is a hobby that it allows you to develop and experiment with radio equipment; for some amateurs, building equipment is the most satisfying part of the hobby. It also enables you to communicate with other radio amateurs throughout the world. Most countries allow amateur radio operation.

The amateur radio pages can be accessed from the menu on the left, and cover all aspects of the hobby. There is also a massive list of useful links and clubs, and a beginner's guide.

The rally pagenow has postcodes for GPS users!

Visit my Amateur Radio Astronomy Page

Buying a Telescope?
To help you to choose a telescope or binoculars, or to understand telescope optics visit my Choosing a Telescope page.
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